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In Vivo Tibial Fit and Rotational Analysis of a Customized, Patient-Specific TKA versus Off-the-Shelf TKA. - Lennart Schroeder and Greg Martin

Medial Overhang of the Tibial Component Is Associated With Higher Risk of Inferior Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score Pain After Knee Replacement. - Christian S. Nielsen, MD, Audrey Nebergall, PhD, James Huddleston, MD, Thomas Kallemose, MSc, Henrik Malchau, PhD, Anders Troelsen, PhD

Interobserver and Intraobserver Reliability of Computed Tomography–Based Three-Dimensional Preoperative Planning for Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty - Michiaki Miura, Shigeo Hagiwara, MD, Junichi Nakamura, MD, Yasushi Wako, MD, Yuya Kawarai, MD, Seiji Ohtori, MD

Individualisierte Kniegelenkendoprothetik: Patientenspezifischer Totalgelenkersatz - Steinert AF, Holzapfel BM, Arnholdt J, Kamawal Y, Beckmann J, Rudert M

Individualisierte Knieprothetik: der patientenspezifische Teilgelenkersatz. - Meier M, Merz C, Steinert A, Köck FX, Beckmann J

Four-Year Data from the UK National Joint Registry Highlights High Survivorship in Patients Treated with the Conformis iTotal CR - Data Shows a Low Cumulative Percent Revision of 0.5% for Conformis Patients vs 1.9% for all Total Knee Replacement Patients​

Accuracy of coronal plane mechanical alignment in a customized, individually made total knee replacement with patient-specific instrumentation. - Gary A. Levengood and Jack Dupee

Neutral alignment leads to higher knee society scores after total knee arthroplasty in preoperatively non-varus patients: a prospective clinical study using 3D-CT. - Slevin O1,2,3,4, Hirschmann A5, Schiapparelli FF2,3,4,6, Amsler F7, Huegli RW6,8, Hirschmann MT9,10,11,12.

Gait analysis of patients with an off-the-shelf total knee replacement versus customized bi-compartmental knee replacement. - Henry Wang, Jonathan Foster, Natasha Franksen, Jill Estes and Lindsey Rolston

Bicompartmental individualized knee replacement: Use of patient-specific implants and instruments (iDuo™). - Andre F. Steinert, Johannes Beckmann, Boris Michael Holzapfel, Maximilian Rudert and J. Arnholdt.

The iDuo Bi-compartmental knee replacement: our early experience. - Peter Jemmett and Stuart Roy

Bone Preservation in a Novel Patient Specific Total Knee Replacement - William Kurtz, John Slamin, and Scott Doody

Patient-Specific Implants with Custom Cutting Blocks Better Approximate Natural Knee Kinematics than Standard TKA without Custom Cutting Blocks. - Shantanu Patil, Adam Bunn, William D. Bugbee, Clifford W. Colwell Jr., and Darryl D. D’Lima

Patient-Specific Implants for Lateral Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty. - Marco K. Demange, Arvind Von Keudell, Christian Probst, Hiroshi Yoshioka, and Andreas H. Gomoll

Surgical and Functional Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Total Knee Replacement with Patient-Specific Implants Compared with ‘‘Off-the-Shelf’’ Implants. - Schwarzkopf, Ran, Merrick Brodsky, Giancarlo A. Garcia, and Andreas H. Gomoll.

Extreme Variability in Posterior Slope of the Proximal Tibia: Measurements on 2,395 CT Scans of Patients Undergoing UKA? - Ryan M. Nunley, Denis Nam, Staci R. Johnson and C. Lowry Barnes

Patient-specific Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Novel Technique and Implant. - Brian T. Palumbo, Joshua Lindsey, and Wolfgang Fitz

Design Rationale for Customized TKA: A New Idea or Revisiting the Past? - Evan M. Schwechter and Wolfgang Fitz

The Use of Customized TKA Implants for Increased Efficiency in the OR. - Raj K. Sinha

Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty with Use of Novel Patient-Specific Resurfacing Implants and Personalized Jigs. - Wolfgang Fitz

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Summary of presentation from the British Association for Surgery of the Knee meeting 2017, paper #0105

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Customized versus Patient-Sized Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty: An In Vivo Kinematics Study Using Mobile Fluoroscopy.Zeller IM, Sharma A, Kurtz WB, Anderle MR, Komistek RD. J Arthroplasty. 2016 Oct 4. pii: S0883-5403(16)30679-9. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2016.09.034

Knieprothetik nach Mass aus dem 3D-Drucker Prof. Dr. med. Markus P. Arnold PhD, Dr. med. Thomas Rychen Swiss Medical Forum – Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum 2016;16(35):702–706

Bi-compartmental Arthroplasty with a One-Pieced Customized Device: Early Experience and Patient Outcomes Tim Bryant, RN, Andreas H. Gomoll, MD Presented at the proceedings of the 2015 British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) Annual Meeting, Abstract #152

Patient-Specific Knee Replacement Implants Preserve Bone and Decrease Blood Loss & Swelling William B. Kurtz, MD Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN, USA Presented at the proceedings of the 2013 British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) Annual Meeting

Tibial Plateau Coverage in UKA: A Comparison of Patient Specific and Off-The-Shelf Implants Dylan P. Carpenter, MD, Rebecca R. Holmberg, ME, MS, Marc J. Quartulli, BS, C. Lowry Barnes, MD

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Patient-Specific Implants and Cutting Guides Shantanu Patil, MD; Adam Bunn, BS; William D. Bugbee, MD; Clifford W. Colwell Jr., MD; Darryl D. D’Lima, MD, PhD—Shiley Center for Orthopaedic Research and Education at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

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Early Outcomes Utilizing a First-Generation Customized Patient-Specific TKA Implant William Kurtz, MD, Raj Sinha, MD, Gregory Martin, MD, Kirt Kimball, MD

Presented at the proceedings of the 2014 British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) Annual Meeting, Abstract #185

Presented at the proceedings of the 2014 British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) Annual Meeting, Abstract #181

Summary of the presentation from ICJR Pan-Pacific 2014, Abstract #O18A3

In Vivo Kinematics for Customized, Individually Made vs. Off-the-Shelf TKA During a Deep Knee Bend and Chair Rise) Harold E Cates, MD; Mathew R Anderle, BS; William H Hamel, PhD; Adrija Sharma, PhD; Richard D Komistek, PhD

Presented at the proceedings of ICJR Pan-Pacific 2014, Abstract # O11A2

In Vivo Kinematics for Subjects Implanted With Either a Traditional or a Customized, Individually Made TKA Kurtz, WB; Zeller, IM; Hamel, WH; Young, MA; Anderle MR; Komistek, RD

Presented at the proceedings of ICJR Pan-Pacific 2014, Abstract #O21A2

Customized, Individually Made Unicondylar Knee Replacement: A Prospective, Multicenter Study of 2-Year Clinical Outcomes Raj Sinha, MD; Joseph Burkhardt, DO; Gregory Martin, MD; David Mack, MD; Richard Dauphine, MD; Michael Levine, MD; C. Lowry Barnes, MD

Presented at the proceedings of the 2014 Harvard Arthroplasty Course

Clinical and Patient-Reported Short-Term Results after Customized Individually Made Total Knee Arthroplasty - Raphael Kaelin, Nicole Vogel, Markus P. Arnold

The Economic Value of Customized versus Off-the-Shelf Knee Implants in Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries - Mary I. O’Connor, MD; Brittany E. Blau, MPH

The Economic Value of Customized versus Off-the-Shelf Knee Implants in Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries - Mary I. O’Connor, MD; Brittany E. Blau, MPH

Does Implant Design Affect Hospital Metrics and Patient Outcomes? TKA Utilizing a “Fast-Track” Protocol - Buch RG, Schroeder L, Buch R, Eberle R

Customized Knee Implants Drive Significant Cost Savings in a Medicare Population. - M. I. O'Connor, B. Blau